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Behind many a smiling face,

Have I seen the pangs of pain;

That spring forth again and again-

From the reminiscence of memories long cherished.

When the eyes can hold the sparkle no longer,

And it falteringly flickers between its corners,

There it is, another unsuccessful attempt,

To hide the agony of the fleeting moment.

The soft lips quiver involuntarily-

As if they had uttered something,

Though it was not meant to be heard,

But just if one could understand.

For a moment the words do not seem to come,

Nothing seems to speak better than silence.

Only if someone could bear on for a moment longer,

And patiently wait for the smile to be back again.

Well, often it’s the face in the mirror on my wall-

That shares with me the joy of the notes in a soft musical,

And the enthusiasm of a newly found queer insight,

Or maybe, the beauty of the little wild flower

Blooming beneath the tree on the roadside.

Often it’s the face in the mirror on my wall,

That patiently waits for me to  smile again !


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Siliguri, January 2009

Siliguri, January 2009

8th November, 2008

At times very common things in our daily life surprise us with the stark parallelism to our own lives. It suddenly reveals to us how helpless creatures we are at times. Take for instance one such incident which happened today morning –

One of my friends had been trying to call up his girlfriend since morning but perhaps due to some network problem even after repeated attempts he remained unsuccessful. Finally when me and my friend met her later in the day she called for an explanation that why had he not made her even a single call since morning. Instead of replying to her my friend thought of a better idea – he asked her for her cell phone, switched on the loudspeaker, placed his one too beside it and dialed her number…… we awaited with bated breath for the response on the other side, the automated voice system spoke up, “The number you have dialed is NOT REACHABLE………”, and with that everyone burst into laughter with my friend putting on a sweet smile of innocence on his face.  He had proven his point!

But myself, a spectator to all this, could not share the laughter, for this is the irony of so many of us……..perhaps every one of us at some point or the other in our lives. Two persons may be within an arm’s reach of each other and yet the other person may just be ‘not reachable’, so near and yet so far!

Interesting! Isn’t it!


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Feel it once again!

Feel it once again!

It’s been long I haven’t seen the rains drizzle-

Leave little impressions on the still waters of the lake;

I don’t remember the last time

The rains poured outside my window,

In the silence of the afternoon;

Seems like I’ve also missed out on the silent murmur-

Of the raindrops brushing against the leaves.

Oh! The little droplets falling on my face!

Throw open a plethora of memories  –

I just wish you had been here today,

To close your eyes and feel the rain on your face,

To smile with eyes half-opened,

And to hear my unsung song !